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Custom Database Designers

Developing Custom Databases Applications for Websites

  • Using mySQL database
  • Php page integration
  • Streamline Your Web Sites Using Custom, Easy To Use Database Applications.
  • Apps Like - Web Pages, Archive Articles & Records, Galleries, Calendars, Memberships, Etc…
mySQL database
The MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database. Over five million installations use MySQL to power high-volume Web sites and other critical business systems — including industry-leaders like The Associated Press, Google, NASA, Sabre Holdings and Suzuki.

Developing Custom Databases Applications for Windows

  • Using Alpha Five Engine
  • Custom Business Database Programs
  • Entrepreneurs - Let Site Designs Develop a Custom Software Program for You to Sell. (Less Expensive Then You Think)
alpha five database software
The new standard for building powerful and flexible desktop applications.
database examples
Example of Custom Database Programs for Windows

Database designs can be elements that help you control and maintain your website: menu's, header and footer files, news, interviews, calendar events...all things that are used over and over again, or you want to be able to change through an easy to use online admin control page.

  • Diary Coach Diary Coach: Sports diary database website designed in PHP using mySQL database. Advance applications querying database for member records, with database text file exports for Excel spreadsheet use, and querying data for pie & bar graph reports for mileage and heart rate monitoring.

  • Adding Records:



  • Developing Windows databases using Alpha 5
  • Example:
    Custom database program for handling online orders and accounting.

    Alpha 5 database design

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